Great that you discovered us.
We are a small community with a huge passion. A church that is passionate about people and prayer. And from a prayer heart you always come across full praise and adoration. With the word of God and under the guidance of his Spirit we go together with Matthew 28:19-20 “Go therefore to make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Teach them always to do what I have told you. And do not forget this: I am always with you, until the end of time.'

EL Bethel Ministries

EL Bethel Ministries, offers members - and visitors - a chance to be part of something bigger. To grow in their love for God and for each other within our beautiful community and society. El Bethel Ministries is a young Christian organization founded in 2016 with two branches the spiritual and the practical. As for the spiritual, we mean nourishing the spirit with the Word of God and living in the Spirit as the word expects of us. And with the practicality we start from our Stichting2fortogether in the provision of the less fortunate in society. We pay attention to those who are in spiritual need and also try to lend a helping hand on a natural basis. Especially to men who are looking for work to support their families. That is how we are as added value for society.

Vision El Bethel Ministries

El Bethel Ministries' vision is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ above every name as our Lord and Master, King and Redeemer. As also to form a stable spiritual pillar of every sheep that God has entrusted to them. To make God's Love and Grace central to each of our lives through the intimate prayer moments we share with God. Prayer moments that take an important place in our lives and in the church. Through prayer development we create a house full of love and security in Christ. El Bethel Ministries strives to promote the well-being of people both mentally and physically.

Who are we                                                                             

El Bethel Ministries travels under the direction of Pastor Fenelon & Coraline Walter. Pastor Fenelon Walter is married to Pastora Coraline Walter-Engelhardt. Pastor Fenelon is the predecessor and founder of Stichting2fortogether. He is also known as the barber of South “Charlie” Pastor Fenelon identifies with Zacchaeus time and again and preaches with the shouts of Jesus. And that we will and can always trust and build on Jesus. And that the principles in God's word are yes and amen for our daily life too. So research, study and apply. Coraline is a woman with great love for the Word of God. Her great passion is liturgical dance, where you worship the Lord with mind, heart and body. In addition to her ministry as Pastor, Coraline is responsible for the finances of EL Bethel Ministries.

The board



Coraline Walter Engelhard

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Rudlin Rosa

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Shaylon Sambre

The board of EL Bethel Ministries is entirely unpaid. At the notary's office Vermeul is registered as chairman: mrs. CA Walter Engelhardt. 
Ms. Walter-Engelhardt is the chairperson and co-pastor of EL Bethel Ministries. Together with her husband, she takes care of all organizational factors surrounding EL Bethel Ministries and monitors all affairs, both physically and mentally.
Ms. RF Rosa serves as secretary of EL Bethel Ministries and supports the chairman and pastors of EL Bethel Ministries with all the overarching duties.
The role of treasurer is in the hands of Mr. SCN Sambre which is the financial supervision of  EL Bethel Ministries.

At this time, EL Bethel Ministries does not use salaried employees. We do use Bible teachers or external preachers to educate and encourage the people, who all work together on a voluntary contribution.